Welcome to Apophatic Philosophy, a website devoted to the the discussion of theology, philosophy and history, and how these varying discourses manage to intersect at varying points of time.

I am Maddison Reddie-Clifford, a Post-Graduate researcher, primarily concerned with the history of Western thought, and the Catholic tradition. I hope you may find parts of this website helpful and useful to you.

This website is also host to various elements of translation projects that I have been undertaking for my own use. We stand at a cross-roads. English language scholars have lost the requirement to be capable of working in multiple languages, and we stand to lose a significant portion of our history of thought if that occurs. One way we can attempt to remedy this is to try and provide suitable English language translations of classic texts.

One such project is my translation of Henri de Lubac\’s Surnaturel. Using scanned plates, I am slowly working on a transcription and translation of this monumental text in the history of Catholic thought. There is a provided link to a Gofundme campaign that aims to help me find the time to work on this translation.

If you would otherwise like to support or assist in my goal of providing free and clear access to works of the Catholic and Western intellectual traditions, I also can be found on Patreon. For the price of your daily coffee you can help me find more time to work more arduously on providing increasing access to texts that we would otherwise have lost.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please fill out the form below.


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